Services We Offer

We offer many services, both online and in person.

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Professional, on site, consulting:

For more than 15 years we have been the sole IT support personnel at many small companies. We have also worked along side on-staff IT personnel on an as-needed basis.

Application development services:

We can help you get an application from concept to production quickly and easily.

Professional helpdesk services:

If you are having any issue, large or small, the first step to getting the ball rolling is to open a support ticket.  If you are a customer already, you can login and start the process online.

Remote network monitoring:

Making sure your network works every day starts with knowing what is happening every minute. With the installation of network monitoring we can diagnose problems before they become work stopping events.

Hosted anti-spam services:

Spam makes up more than 80% of all email traffic on the internet. We can eliminate bandwidth choking nuisance by becoming the line of defense between spammers and your email server.

Remote desktop support:

In the event that you need remote support, on your computer but can’t wait for someone to show up to help… that’s where remote desktop support comes in. With a few clicks we can assist in all your server or workstation problems.